Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{No. 18} Books

lately i've had this little fantasy of working in a bookstore that brews delicious coffee and has cozy reading chairs. it's decorated in deep colors with lots of velvet and heavy curtains. there's brick, a cat or two, and thousands of delicious books. sigh. i don't know if i would get any work done unless sitting in a cozy chair with a perfect cup of coffee reading everything is a paid position!
so here is some book inspiration:

i think a good book is like a friend, beautiful in many ways and i am happy to see it and can't wait to hear what it has to say. i'm familiar with the characters and their quirks, so i become involved, invested in this "relationship".

it's like therapy, there are so many people broken in many different ways - the human condition. the book is there for you whenever you want to open it. it calms me at the end of the day - a harmless addiction.
and it's like an ocean's waves, sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous. an intriguing pull of emotions.
slang seah for national geographic
for the record i am a hardcover reader, not an e-reader. i read one book on a nook and it's just not me. i love feeling the pages in my hand, physically seeing my progress, smelling the paper, and holding it's weight. i love walking into libraries and book stores and beholding the array of spines and vast amount of volumes - it's like being surrounded by love to me.
have you ever noticed that authors sometimes have a character who is really into books? lately it's in every book i read, i think it's their love for books revealed in their writing.
what are you reading right now?

i can't wait to see what you're loving today!