Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{No. 13} My Favorite App ➸ Day One

i love this app! i have it on my iPad mini, iPhone, and my desktop.
out and about? snap a quick photo write about it - keep a journal in a snap!
go to the app store to get day one

it seamlessly syncs with all your devices
and you can use a 4-digit passcode to keep your journal locked; just like the old fashioned diary :)

 multiple views. set alerts each day to write. also includes fun journal prompts.
keep track of life, just journal, or use as a reference for scrapbooking :)
write a quick blurb, it's as easy as tweeting :)
it's nice to look back and see my timeline and see our happenings as a family.
i use it to remember events for scrapbooking since i'm a few years behind. 

and with three kids it's easy to forget those little things they said and did - and i don't want to.
i am NOT being paid for this, i just love the app :)

your loves from last week

can't wait to see what you're loving today!